Chicago Public Schools Vendor Insurance Certification

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Welcome to your online resource for submitting your annual Certificate of Insurance in order to do business with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS).  Per the General Conditions of either your current or pending CPS contract and of your original CPS Vendor Number Application, you and/or your firm must submit your Certificate of Insurance so that the certificate monitoring service used by the CPS can verify that you and/your firm are meeting Insurance Requirements you are required to follow to do business with the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education.   If you or your firm does NOT currently have insurance, then you must secure it. Note: You or your firm may be eligible for the small vendor program. This program is solely for sole proprietors or small businesses that conduct educational/consulting/speaking engagements and visit CPS locations. It is not intended for any individual or organization that engages in professional services, repairs or maintenance. If eligible, click here for the application and instructions. Note, if you are vendor who is only looking to procure insurance for a one-time event (e.g. a one time class, a one day carnival, etc) to be held at a single CPS location, then you may be eligible for the Tulip program. For questions on either program, you can contact Insurers Review Service (attn Liz Ortiz) at 312-938-0900.

After reading the Disclaimer (and related CPS Insurance Coverage and Certificate Requirements Policy), you will be asked to register (first time users) or enter in your registered email and password (secured during your initial registration). You will then be able to gain secure access to submit information about your firm and/or yourself (if individual), to upload a copy of your most recent Certificate of Insurance for verification and to submit payment information for verification processing.

Disclaimer.   Prior to submitting your vendor/bidder information and current certificate of insurance, you must review the following information. Please note the CPS Vendor and/or Bidder, at its own expense, shall procure and maintain insurance covering all operations under ther Contract, whether performed by Bidder or by subcontractors. All insurers shall be licensed by the State of Illinois and rated A-VII or better by A.M. Best or a comparable rating service. The CPS Vendor and/or Bidder shall submit to the Board satisfactory evidence of insurance coverage prior to commencement of Services under their Contract. Minimum insurance requirements include the coverage(s) set forth in the following link and where applicable, any additional insurance as specified in the Insurance Coverage and Certificate Requirements Policy [Revised July 10,2012] (click to view)

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